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being seen. Being heard. Being respected.


Promoting Cultural Diversity With Passion and Love

At I AM 195 our reliable staff puts humanity first with everything we do. There are 195 countries in the world, and within them are people from all walks of life and color of skin. Rich traditions and cultural norms fill their hearts and are strong foundations within their cultures. As we explore these diverse cultures, our hope is that it will dismiss a lot of the prejudice and injustices we see and face today. Injustice that is created based on a false perception of a group of people, and sometimes based on one or a few individual experiences. There is true beauty within these cultures' heritage and it is our plan to display that in creative ways in order to have an open dialog regarding things unknown. Through shared experiences, many cultures have picked up new norms and adapted new traditions as their new way of life. Let’s celebrate these beauties together and show the world that there are more things to love than to hate.

What We Value

At our organization, everything we do begins with love.
From planning social initiatives to packing orders from our online shop, we take great care to complete our tasks in a timely manner.
We believe that it takes a community to raise awareness and bring forth change in everyone.
That is why we are not in direct competition with any other organization; our goal is to unite and work with as many groups as possible to manifest our mission.
It is very important that we begin active listening to one another if we are ever going to address and fix the problems we face today.
Living harmoniously with each other requires great levels of strength & respect. I may not agree, but I can give you the respect that you deserve.


From dream to reality, the concept of I AM 195 has been a way of life for its President and founder since his humble beginnings in his country of birth, Jamaica. With a diverse family background that extends from Chinese, English, and Cuban Jamaican, to Scottish and other parts of Europe, Andrew has been open and accepting of all cultures his entire life. When presented with the idea of an organization that would help to bring a focus back on humanity where everyone is “Being Seen. Being Heard. Being Respected.”, it was an easy decision for his two co-founders, Derrek and Patrick, to jump on board with.

In 2018 the concept was penned, and over the course of the next two years, developed into an organization with big ideas and even bigger aspirations. I AM 195 would then go through several transformations in order to make certain the mission “Diversity should be celebrated, not separated” was possible. People coming together and tackling the harsh realities of cultural differences was something the founders were prepared for, but the undertaking brought on several hard truths that caused them to be dismayed. Feeling lost, they are reminded of a quote from a great American motivator Zig Ziglar:


It was with these words that the trio decided to face the challenges that were ahead with passion and vigor.

Andrew Roman

Patrick Youngquist
Director of Operations

Derrek Bagby
Director of Finance

Community Outreach



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